Daniel Cattier & Fabio Wuytack, 90 min. 3 x 52 series (Prod: Off world, BE)

On the docks of the new world's promise 

Between 1873 and 1934, the Belgian-American shipping company Red Star Line transported 2.7 million migrants from Antwerp to New York, forging US identity. Columbus discovered America, Red Star Line built it. The majority of its passengers were Eastern, amongst whom many Jewish people. Antwerp became the most important transit city in Europe. With All contemporary narrative techniques and the use of yet unrevealed archives, by using the story of the Red Star Line as a narrative vessel, detailing migrant’s journey to Antwerp, their trip across the ocean and how they dealt with their new life in America, the series embarks the audience on an poignant, intimate yet epic journey, reviving a mosaïc of human destinies and pioneering spirit, and picturing why migrants left their homes behind, resonating with nowadays migrations.

acquired and broadcasted by:  RTBF – VRT CANVAS – YLE – PBS – DR - HISTOIRE

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