HACKING JUSTICE The defense of Julian Assange



Clara Lopez, Juan Pancorbo, 90/52 min.  (Prod : Mediapro, SP; InselFilm, DE)

When you're more than a journalist, you need more than a lawyer ...  

Baltasar Garzon, 58, is an analogue man, barely speaks english, is bad with computers. But he plays a major global role within the digital world. He took upon coordinating the international legal teams preparing the upcoming defense of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Garzon is one of the world’s leading authorities upholding the principle of Universal Jurisdiction, defending in this case freedom of press but also fundamental human rights. With a unique access, the film witnesses the struggle for the control of information, the growing influence of intelligence services, the lack of transparency, the role of the mass media and the difficult balance of individual rights and state security.


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