Eva Tomanova, 75/52 min. (Prod: Endorfilm, CZ) 

Is there a recipe for an ideal family? 

25 years ago, Petr and Simona decided to pursue their dream of freedom together. Choosing a traditional lifestyle of self sufficiency, love and togetherness, the couple lead a frugal life in the Bohemian Forest, with the bare essentials – and their nine children. But fatherly love becomes suffocating for the children. Will they be able to ever fit in modern society? 

- IDFA 2014 First appearance competition selection, The Netherlands
- One World 2015, Czech Republic
- Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2015, Poland
- Crossing Europe 2015, Austria
- Dok.fest International Documentary Film Festival Munich 2015, Germany
- 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2015
- Flahertiana 2015, Russia
- Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2015, Greece

acquired and broadcasted by :

Czech TV / ERR - TVP - VRT

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Alba Sotorra, 78/52 min. (Prod : Gaia audiovisuals, ES)

How far can one take this guns fantasies? 

Djalal was obsessed with war games before he could walk. He was raised as an only child in a middle class Spanish family with his parents indulging his every whim. He got all sorts of toy guns with which to play the soldier and as he grew up, his games became more and more sophisticated. He started to film himself reenacting military operations, and to upload his videos in Youtube, creating a cyber identity, Lord_Sex, with thousands of followers. As he followed this dream to the extreme, he went to the Afghan front as sniper. But the war is not as exciting as in the movies. Djalal returned to his parents home disenchanted, to realize that nothing is the same. The economic crisis stroked his family and he is forced to take action. The game is over and he needs to find his own place in the real world.



- best documentary VIII Premis Gaudí prize 2016, Spain

- mention of honor prize City of Barcelona 2016, Spain

- Festival de Málaga, official selection 2015, Spain

- Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, official selection 2015, Czech Republic

- Barcelona. Premio Nou Talent, Spain

- Documenta Madrid, official selection 2015, Spain


acquired and broadcasted on

TVE – TV de Catalunya


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Hrvoje Mabic, 52/95 min. ( Prod :  Fade in, CR)


What to do if your past walks in front of you ?

At the age of 16 Ana was locked up in a psychiatric hospital by her parents who arranged the treatment for curing her homosexuality with the hospital director. After all she went through, she longs for a girl who won’t think of her as insane because of her PTSD condition. She finds all that in Martina, her new love whom she plans the wedding with. However, Martina’s huge patience wanes with time as she finds Ana more obsessed with her traumatic past than with the life they’re sharing together.


- Underhill Fest 2016, Montenegro

- One world 2016, Czech republic

- Verzio International Film Festival 2015, Hungary

- Warsaw International Film Festival 2015, Poland

- Trieste Festival 2015, Italy

- ZagrebDox festival 2015, Croatia

- Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2015, Italy

- Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016, Ireland

- Sao Paulo Mostra International Film Festival 2015, Brazil

- Jaipur International Film Festival 2016, India

- Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival 2016, Greece

- Seoul Human right festival 2016, Korea


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Veronika Liskova, 75 min (Prod: Vernes, CZ) 

One single kiss away from being lynched ...

Daniel is a young man, a student and a writer. He stands a single kiss away of being lynched. He is a pedophile. He keeps no secret about his sexual orientation, not even from the parents of his beloved boy, who allow him to visit. Daniel, nor any of his community of czech pedophiles, is no child offender, and considers chemical restrain option while speaking outloud about his condition. The film introduces the rises and falls of people living with pedophilia and forbidden love, in a constant struggle to come to terms with oneself and the society, while only a few cross the line of criminality. 

- Audience Award - IFDF Jihlava 2014, Czech Republic
- Berlinale 2015, Germany
- ZagrebDox 2015, Croatia
- Mezipatra Queer Film Festival 2014, Czech Republic
- One World IHRDFF 2015, Czech Republic
- Docs Against Gravity Film Festival 2015, Poland
- Student Jury Award for the best documentary film - The Finále Plzeň Film Festival 2015, Czech Republic 
Niesse Filmfestival 2015, Germany
Febiofest 2015, Slovakia
Kino na granicy 2015, Czech Rep./Poland
London Open City Docs Fest 2015, UK
Karlovy Vary IFF 2015, Czech Republic
MIX Copenhagen 2015, Denmark
Budapest International Documentary Festival 2015, Hungary
Bergen International Film Festival 2015, Norway
MIX Mexico 2015
Letní filmová škola Uherské Hradiště 2015, Czech Republic
Festival do Rio 2015, Brazil

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 Yorgos Avgeropoulos, 90/ 2 X 52 min. (Prod: Small Planet, GR)

A ultimate on Greek crisis, on EU governance, and austerity measures.

A feature length or two parts film covering four years of Greek economic and human downfall, with the point of view of a long time world documentarist and reporter filming his own country with impartiality, delivering the chronicle of the on progress laboratory of the country’s public economical and social fabric dismembering, meeting with his fellow citizens with humanity and empathy, reflecting their devolution, and addressing economic governance, when accessing the testimony of its national and international key actors and backstage insiders.

- Rockie award Banff world media festival 2016, Canada

- Gold Hugo award 52nd Chicago International television awards 2016, USA

- Otto Brenner Special prize for Critical journalism 2016, Germany

- FIPA Industry Award 2014, best Pitched project, France

- FIPA 2015 Official selection 2015, France

- CPH :DOX official selection Megatrends 2014, Denmark

- Dokfest 2015 official slection, Germany

- Thessaloniki festival TDF 2015 official selection, Greece


acquired and broadcasted by:


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Soniya Kirpalani, 72/52 min. (Prod: Sprocket Science, UAE) 

17 death penalties for the murder of one man !

The film reveals the heartbreaking story of 17 Men on death row and the struggle of their families to secure their release. Through this we reveal the very universal challenge of global migration, migrant labor rights and representation, especially in context with the GCC and Asia.  In a strange twist of events, Indian Embassy stops their defense lawyers from putting in evidence. Derailing an important case, to support a political aspirant’s bid to claim; they broker a ‘Blood Money Compromise’ buying justice for money. This wins him media attention in an election year; but it marks the men as ‘Murders’. Furthermore the politicians ‘fine’ these 17 men and their families. Returning to India, they question their freedom ‘Why did the Embassy’s lawyers NOT put proof of our innocence? Why were we compromised by our own protectors? This question lingers… Can the migrants ever get freedom between a complex and corrupt systems? 

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