Wil Mathijs,  85 min. (Prod: Elementrik Films, BE)

Death is only an illusion ... or art

A sticky film about a simple man with a far from simple plan, Marten Uit den Bogaard is one of the world’s top 10 bio artists. How can he get a new human part to use in his work? And the righs to his own body to become his own final work? Everything is just matter, but isn’t his own philosophy a bit too superficial? This contemplative but humorous documentary confronts us vigorously with our own private life and mortality, the western taboo of death.

 - FIFA, International Art Film Festival 2015, Official selection, Canada

- Festival du film sur l’Art 2014, Brussels

- NYC Independent Film Festival, Official selection, USA


- Ostend Film Festival 2014, Official selection, Belgium


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