a Mladen Kovacevic & HOROPTER PRODUCTION (SB), project (90’/52’) - 2019



There is a city in China called Yiwu, that has more than 600 Christmas factories, in which Christmas as we know it is produced for the entire world. This film is a portrait of Yiwu and its workers.

Yiwu is a wealthy modern city with cosmopolitan lifestyle rarely seen in China. It is inhabited by factory bosses driving Maseratis and Rolls Royces, and migrant workers from all over China, who do not miss their hometowns, but who miss their factories when they go home for holidays.

These factories are surrogate households where best friends hang out, where couples meet, families form and children grow up. They are all trapped in the parallel universe of the eternal Christmastime, where Christmas is celebrated by no-one.

The workers from Yiwu have unusually large salaries, several times higher than in most of China, or for that matter most of Eastern Europe. They can easily afford biggest newest iPhones. They live in dormitories for free, air-conditioning and three meals included.

Yiwu is the ultimate globalization success story. A true Christmas fairy-tale for grownups. If you happen to believe in fairy-tales.

Merry Christmas, Yiwu is a melancholic observational documentary with a geopolitical twist, and the alluring visual aesthetic that enhances the irony of modern China – the unexpected place where even Christmas is made.